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Cleveland Saints LogoWe are the leading tree care company in Cleveland, OH, serving our clients with utmost dedication and professionalism. At Saints Tree Service Cleveland, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our remarkable reviews with HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List will tell you more about how happy our previous clients were with our service. We are proud of our work and have the best staff and advanced equipment to help you with your tree care needs. We continue to give our best since 2001.

Why Saints Tree Service Cleveland, Ohio

It would help if you had our team of certified arborists and tree care personnel combined with 45 years of experience for your tree service needs. We understand the science and art of tree services. We know what to do with your trees and care for your landscape. 

Our tree specialist knows tree care services and landscape maintenance. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can be assured that you will not be liable for anything while we work on your property. We operate with the highest integrity, so we are pleased to provide you with this information as proof of our professionalism and honesty.

Further, we use only the best equipment available in the industry. Our equipment, from cranes down to chainsaws, is adequately maintained and regularly checked to assure our clients that we can care for their tree work needs with our premier equipment. We can handle jobs that our competitors can’t because of the equipment we employ. 

But you don’t have to worry if you don’t want us using our heavy equipment on your property because of the potential damage it can cause to your landscape; we can still perform the job using safety climbing harnesses. Whatever the circumstance is, Saints Tree Services can efficiently perform the job for you. We provide our clients with options that best fit their budgets and needs.

Also, be aware of companies going door-to-door offering deals. They could be too good to be accurate and will leave you disappointed. Most of these “companies” are not licensed, bonded, and insured. You will also put yourself in potential financial and legal liability if you hire their service because most companies do not compensate their staff well. Do more than hire any tree service company. Hire a company that homeowners respect and trust.

We service different property types. Whether you have residential, business, real estate investment, or even large-scale residential or commercial property developments, we will be more than pleased to provide you with the best tree care service available in the area. All these services are reasonably priced and will leave you satisfied.


    Finally, Saints Tree Service Cleveland, Ohio, is proud to be the most professional tree-cutting service. We connect with you as soon as you call us; we show up on the agreed time and day, we give you a very transparent price quote when you request it, we follow our schedule, and we give our 100% to serve you. No job is too small or too difficult for us. We are the right company for all your tree care service needs.

    Give us a call. We are ready to provide you with our excellent service. You can see the overview of all our tree service offerings below. We also have a detailed account of these services in our Services menu at the top of this page.

    Services We Offer:

    Our expert in tree care is committed to enhancing the health, appearance, and safety of your outdoor space by offering various professional tree care solutions at an affordable cost.

    Tree Removal

    Tree Trimming

    Stump Removal

    Emergency Tree Service

    Wood Chipping

    Lot and Land Clearing

    Other Tree Services

    Our team cares for various palm, fig, olive, and plum trees. Experience comprehensive tree care with our services. From expert spraying for pest control to safe felling, delicate transplanting, and efficient tree moving, we’ve covered your green spaces precisely.

    Get in touch with us today for affordable and professional tree care services that prioritize the health of your outdoor space,

    Picture of our employee in a tree cutting down a branch for or customer in Cleveland, OH

    Tree Removal Service

    There can be several reasons to remove a tree. These reasons range from a tree being dead, causing danger to you and your property, to simply being unsightly. Canker decay and other illnesses can cause them to die or look unattractive in a landscape. A tree might be overshading other garden plantings, preventing them from growing, which can eventually cause landscape problems. 

    You must be aware that most homeowners policies will turn down tree damage claims if it is proven that the tree branches were in contact with your residence. We are experts in removing any tree regardless of the reason. We offer tree and root removal services to Cleveland property owners’ trust.  

    Tree removal is relatively easy, but it still needs planning and skill to be performed well. Property and lives can be put in danger without expertise and preparation. No matter the circumstance, you can be confident that we can efficiently and adequately remove your tree. 

    The process begins with one of our crews visiting your property or business to assess the tree to be removed. We will provide you with a verbal estimate and the approach we will use to take down your tree during our visit. After the appointment, we will give you a written estimate for the service we will perform, together with our license and insurance papers. 

    Our tree doctor near me will then communicate with you to agree on when and when the work will be done. The price quote will consist of completely falling off the tree, cutting or stacking wood, and thoroughly cleaning up the area where the tree was located. 

    Our crew will consist of a primary cutter and two to four ground staff members responsible for cleaning the area where the tree was taken down. Our chipper will take care of the debris and dispose of it properly. We guarantee you that when we leave for the day, the area where the tree was located will look as if the tree never existed.

    Additionally, we can carry out the tree removal on your property in one day or less, not including stump grinding or removal. Stump grinding or removal is usually scheduled on the next day. We are the tree removal Cleveland residents can trust. Use our tree-cutting service for both tree removals and trimming projects.

    Tree Service Cleveland Ohio Trusts

    Fast Response and Free Quotes

    Residential & Commercial Tree Service

    Tree Removal Cleveland Trusts

    Tree Trimming Service

    Look around when you are out on your next drive. You will see that eighty percent of trees need trimming or at least pruning. A tree with dead branches could look unattractive in all aspects. Our tree trimmers can drastically improve most lawn trees’ appearance and health. 

    However, some homeowners and business owners must pay more attention to this. Trees could use professional trimming. Over time, we have mastered the art and science of tree trimming. Our objectives in tree trimming and pruning are the following:

    • Remove dead, unsafe, and unsightly limbs and branches
    •  Ensure the tree’s symmetry is maintained to restore its natural beauty
    • Assess the overall health of the tree.

    Our process for tree removal and tree trimming is almost similar. The process begins with one of our staff setting up an appointment to visit your house or business to evaluate the tree to be trimmed. Following the visit, we will provide a verbal price quote for the work and our license and insurance policy information. 

    Finally, we will schedule a time to complete the job that suits you or your company. While working on your property, we will mainly utilize only one cutter using a safety harness to climb up and trim the tree. Our ground crew of one to two people will remove trimmed limbs and branches to our chipper positioned at the curb. When we finish the job, your tree will be restored to its former attractive appearance and look much healthier. You can be assured that we will leave your vicinity as we find it. The only thing that changed was a well-trimmed tree. 

    Stump Grinding

    After removing your tree, the next step is eliminating or grinding the stump. You can choose to extract or grind the stump. Both services are available at Saints Tree Service. Most stumps in landscapes are ugly and affect the overall appearance of your yard and planting. More importantly, tree stumps can shelter insects that threaten your family and pets, including beetles, termites, and ants. 

    Contact us for all your stump removal and grinding needs. We use premier equipment like Morbark and Veneer, the best of its class. We can quickly eliminate the stump at an affordable, cheap price, whether big or small. Like our tree removal and trimming services, we will visit your home or company to assess the nature of the stump and where it is situated on your property. The price of stump grinding typically depends on the size and type of the tree. 

    Once we visit your property, we will give you a verbal quote for the job we will do. We will follow up with our staff and send you a written quote and our insurance and license documentation. We also have other stump grinding-related services that we can help you with. It includes grass seeding, sod laying, or mulching.Even though stump grinding is considered a standard process, we do not take it lightly. We try turning a messy job into a professional tree service. We promise to restore your llandscape’s former beauty. We will do this by clearing the area around the stump and diminishing any hazard adjacent to your lawn and landscape plantings. 

    To top it all, we can pile the chips in another place on your property for your future use. If this is not an option for you, our team can take care of the wood by recycling it in an environment-friendly manner. Please get in touch with us for all your stump removal needs

    Emergency Tree Removal Service

    Top Local Tree Care Company

    Affordable Tree Service for any Budget

    Professional Tree Cutting Service

    Storm Damage

    Storms can cause damage to your properties, including your trees. Downed trees can be hazardous and must be taken care of at once. Homeowners and business owners should avoid attempting to clean up wide-range tree damage because of the risks it entails. Cleaning up downed power lines and damaged structures,mes, or buildings involves a lot of work.

    Our emergency tree service is  always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help local area property owners. We respond quickly to these emergency and life-threatening situations. Fallen and damaged trees demand professional attention. It is best if experts assess the situation to know the safest way to remove the tree. At Saints Tree Service, we do this at an affordable price. We may need to employ our heavy equipment to remove giant trees or limbs from buildings and residential areas. 

    This kind of work is not for amateurs. We are the tree removal Cleveland homeowners use when they have large and dangerous trees. We make ourselves available to serve you round the clock so you can be assured that your property and landscape will be restored to its former beautiful appearance and be safe again.

    Lot & Land Clearing

    We are just a company that can take on large-scale projects. We have what it takes to complete challenging tasks like this. We have the necessary equipment to finish the job efficiently. Give us a call for your lot and commercial development clearing project.

    Other Services

    We proudly offer our complete services to give you the best tree care service. Our team of tree surgeons and experts can provide proper consultation and tree care services to maintain your trees’ overall beauty and health. These services include:

    •  Cabling & Bracing – to support at-risk branches and limbs from breaking
    • Consulting
    •  Brush Removal – clean-up your property of unwanted scrub and brush
    •  Wood chipper – let us chip up tree debris that you have
    •  Tree Planting – planting a new tree is always an excellent choice for a new or existing landscape
    •  Tree Fertilizing – trees need nutrients that are often absent from the soil.  
    •   Insect and Disease Management – let us diagnose and treat your trees for 
    •   unwanted insects and diseases.

    Call us today, and we will gladly discuss our services with you. We are the tree service in Cleveland, Ohio; property owners trust and depend on quality tree care.  

    Firewood for Sale

    We usually have both seasoned and unseasoned hardwoods for sale throughout the year. Call us for prices on full cords and ricks. We are also considering signing up for our Free Firewood subscription program, which can save you $100s, if not $1,000s, over the year. 

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