Things to do in Cleveland in the Winter

We all want to just lie in our bed and stay in the comfort of our home on a cold winter day. Don’t we? After all, who wants to brave the crisp wind chill and go out in a pitch dark night? But it gets boring and dull later on. You crave for something exciting to do in the face of the cold, so you look for some activities you can pass your time on.

The good news is, if you live in Cleveland, there is something in store for you to do even in the winter days. Whether you are into festivals or adventurous stuff, you have a choice where you would spend your holidays. Perhaps you already know what to do on the cold days, but we figure you may need a little help. We have listed some of the things you can do before the snow melts.

Cleveland in the winter

Have a Ride at the Polar Express: If you haven’t ridden the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, now is the perfect time to do it. The train is decorated with everything Christmas until December 21st. This is a place the younger generation would love to visit.

Toboggan: You probably have heard about it, but have you actually gone to the Metroparks’ chalet in Strongsville? If not, what are you still waiting for? Now is the perfect time to shoot down a 1000-foot ice sheet.

Ice Skating: Regardless who you are going to do it with, ice skating is always a fun activity to do in the winter. Nothing beats ice skating in the winter, particularly in Wade Oval. It’s time to wear those skates and have fun in the sky. It’s fun to watch people stay on their feet and eventually fall down. Plus, it’s only for $5!

Botanical Gardens: The eastside cultural outpost has been consistent for three years in adorning both the interior and exterior of the botanical gardens with Christmas decorations. There is a train ride, gingerbread houses, lights, and more lights! Make sure to bring your children because they will surely enjoy the entire place.

Museums: Museums are fun. Maybe you haven’t been in one for a long time, but now is the perfect chance for you to perform your social obligation. There are various museums in town that are in dire need of your attention. You can choose from MOCA, Cleveland Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the list goes on. So, clear your weekend off and head to one of these interesting sites.

Brite Winter Festival: There is always a music festival to watch out for in Cleveland. There are indoor and outdoor festivals that fuse both local and regional artists. We heard you, we know it is cold outside, but that shouldn’t matter. Come with your friends, have some hot coffee, stay close to the fire, and just have fun in the music.

A Christmas Story House: Here we go again with that “I’ve heard it, but never actually had the time to be there.” There’s no excuse. You should make time this year and be charmed by the retro ambiance of this vulnerable house.

Polar Bear Plunges: Most of the events are for charity purposes, which is why the cold is all worth it.

Watch a Holiday Classic: There are a lot of times in the year when you want to re-watch your all-time favorite movies, and one of those moments is during the winter. Nothing beats a movie marathon in the winter. Whether you like Die Hard, or the National Lampoon, or Elf, we will not judge. You can head to the Cleveland Cinemas and watch your favorite classic while munching popcorn.

Christmas on the Stage: Again, we go back to your cultural obligations. Playhouse Square makes sure to have a jam-packed schedule in the winter to keep you busy. You can choose from the classics such as The Nutcracker, A Christmas Story, Santaland Diaries, and A Christmas Carol. Believe us when we tell you that you wouldn’t regret any minute you spend in Playhouse Square. It’s better than binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix.

Orchestra: It’s probably been ages since the last time you’ve indulged in a world-class orchestra. Definitely, now is the time to head to Severance Hall and enjoy Christmas, orchestra style. There are programs every weekend until the 25th of December. On the big day, there are afternoon and evening performances for you and your family to watch.

Bowl: If you can’t stand the cold outside, you can always opt for indoor activities, like bowling. You should head to Mahall’s or even book the Nash in Slavic Village for a private holiday shindig.

Winter Waterland: Water typically freezes in the winter, but not in the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. The staff of the aquarium decided to put Santa underwater for more fun. This was the birth of Scuba Claus that will make you enjoy your time with the fish even more.

Outdoor Fun: There are other reasons for you to drop by the I.X. Center in the winter, aside from the gigantic ferris wheel. In the winter, the area hosts a parade of exhibitions that would keep you interested.

It’s Time to Do Some Good Will: The spirit of the holiday season simply makes everyone a better person, and that includes you. Take time to volunteer somewhere in the winter, and you would be happy you did. You have been blessed one way or another, and it’s time to give back to those who need it. There are a lot of charitable donations and volunteer work you can join, depending on your interest, particularly cooking, teaching, and animals.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Don’t laugh. We are serious about it because if you haven’t been to one of their shows, you’re missing so much. You can celebrate at the venue the day after Christmas with some lasers and earplugs.

Nela Park: Nela Park becomes festive with all the lights during the holiday season. Over 500,000 bulbs are lighted on the production in East Cleveland, and what is the reason why you wouldn’t want to come? You are definitely missing out if you haven’t been here. This makes as one of the top attractions in Cleveland in the winter, so make sure to come.

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