As restaurants innovate and try on new things, Cleveland’s food scene swiftly becomes one of the most exciting in the country. The city has something for the adventurous eaters, but it never neglects traditional and classic food. We present to you the new and the classic favorite restaurants in Cleveland right now.

Good Company

The Plum first opened in 2015 and has grown to be one of the locals’ favorite dining hub. This restaurant serves vegetarian, vegan, and other classic comfort food that will surely satisfy your hunger. You must try their Good Boi, which can be served with the patty of your choices, such as mushroom, chicken, beef, or chickpea.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

When you are the Market Hall, it is hard to decide where to dine because there are just so many options available to choose from. A recent addition that is worth your time is Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink that serves no-frills seasonal food backed with their simple interior.

The Cleveland Bagel Co.

The Cleveland Bagel Co. offers the best-tasting bagel on the east side. Their short, yet impressive menu features schmears, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, hummus, and coffee. Good thing that Cleveland Bagel Co., expanded their operations to the east side because you don’t want anything less when you’ve tasted the best.

Cosmic Dave’s Rock Club

Cosmic Dave’s Rock Club has been established 30 years ago (although they closed in 2016) and is still a thing up to now, and it’s not hard to see why. You can experience live music in the club, while you have their delicious take on salads, sandwiches, and sides. Never miss their Original Dave’s Cosmic Sub that has a generous serving of prosciutto, lettuce, tomatoes, and provolone cheese, and their much known cosmic sauce.

EDWIN’S Restaurant & Institute

EDWIN’s doesn’t only focus on serving sumptuous French-inspired dishes, but it also has a noble mission. Its President and CEO, Brandon Chrostowski, continues to give foundation to once imprisoned adults in the culinary field. He established a butcher shop as well as the Serenite Restaurant & Culinary Institute in Medina.


While the music in LBM is pretty loud, it will not dismiss the fact that they serve some of the most creative cocktails in town. Aside from their cocktails, you should also try their delicious small plates, including fried chicken with potato and cheese pierogies. LBM is the best choice if you are looking for the most accommodating service crew in town. You may find their extensive list of drinks overwhelming, but their servers will guide you to the right choice.

II Rione Pizzeria

You may think that you’ve had the best pizza, but not until you’ve tasted what II Rione Pizzeria has to offer. This pizza place is only two years old, but it quickly became one of the favorite places to eat by locals and visitors in Cleveland. It is best to come here with your friends so you can taste everything on their list. Don’t sleep on their meat and cheese plate or create your own pie where your craving is the limit.