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Trees, although they are truly wonderful, can cause danger and even life-threatening situations during terrible weather conditions such as storms. If you have fallen limbs, uprooted trees, and downed power lines this could all cause hazardous circumstances. During emergency situations like these, you can depend on Saints Tree Service to be there to help you with the debris caused by strong wind storms. Our service is available round the clock, seven days a week during these circumstances to provide urgent aid to homeowners. Further, we pride ourselves in being the tree service Cleveland residents trust during situations like this. Many homeowners have been affected by storm tree damage causing them a lot of money. At Saints Tree Service, we offer emergency tree services to help you bring back your property’s former look and lessen the risks relating to property and tree damage.

You can actually avoid these potential damages fallen trees can cause your properties. Call Saints Tree Service to assess trees in nearby areas before a storm hits. Having preventive measures like this can prevent destructive and deadly situations in case a terrible storm strikes. Having trees close to your property is not a problem until a storm hits. Have us inspect your trees to prevent these things from taking place.

Responsive Service When You Need It

We hope you don’t suffer from tree thunderstorm problems but in the event, you get caught up in an unfortunate situation as such, don’t hesitate to give us a call for our fast clean-up services. Homeowners may clean up small affected areas but the large-scale projects should be left for the professionals to do. High voltage lines and other dangerous situations should be handled only by experts to avoid even more hazard to you and your property.

The moment you call us, we mobilize our storm damage response protocol:

  • One of our client service representatives will promptly go to your home or office to evaluate the storm or ice damage. We will then start the quote process.
  • We will give you an onsite verbal quote for the cost of work to be done. If you agree on the terms, one of our management staff will provide you with a quote through email in less than 1-2 hours.
  • From there, our team will immediately start our clean-up efforts
  • We will start by determining possibly hazardous, weather-damaged branches, limbs, and other debris.
  • When the safety of both our client and staff is assured, we will begin the work at once. We will get rid of all large piles of wood and chip the small branches and debris.

    • We will not stop until every trace of storm damage has been taken care of and your property has been restored to its past appearance.

    Do not settle for just any tree service company during these situations. Only call the tree service that will give you professional help in restoring the safety and beauty of your property. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for these very reasons giving our clients peace of mind when they become subject to property damage. Hire experts with the right skills, experience, and equipment.

    No job too large or too small for Saints Tree Service
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