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Stump Grinding

Saints Tree Service removes stumps in two ways: grinding and physical removal with a backhoe. In grinding, we employ a stump grinder to basically grind the stump below the ground- removing it thoroughly from sight. In stump removal, we use a medium backhoe to push the stump and large connected roots. In most times, only large commercial developments choose the first way because removing a stump in this manner could be expensive and could result in harm to the area.

Almost 95% of our customers go for stump grinding when they want to remove the appearance of a stump. This is a case wherein we will be required to use one of our Vermeer grinders to grind the stump down to about three to six inches below the ground, just enough for it to be out of sight and allowing grass and other plantings to grow above it.

The difficulty of the grinding process depends on the type of stump. This difference is basically because of the variety of trees, including their age and size. Oaks and Maples are most likely difficult to grind. On the other hand, mature conifers such as Cedars and Pines are the easiest stumps to grind. The age of the tree says a lot about how challenging grinding will be. Newer stumps are much harder to grind than older ones. Regardless of the variables, Saints Tree Service can get rid of any kind of stump. With our state-of-the-art stump grinders, no stump is too difficult to remove.

Stump Grinding Process

At Saints Tree Service, we do our stump grinding in a systematic manner. Our process of grinding a stump involves the following steps:

  • With a rake and a shovel, we keep the area free from rock, gravel and as much dirt as possible
  •  We will utilize a chainsaw if in case the stump hasn’t been cut to the ground. By doing so, we will reduce the amount of stump that needs to be ground. Therefore, reducing the number of wood chips to clean
  • We can now bring the stump grinder in the place where the stump is located. We will position it 3 to 6 inches above the stump
  • We will move the grinding blades back and forth to grind the entire stump down We will keep doing this process until the stump is six to three inches to the ground
  • Finally, we will clean the area. We will stack the wood chips and get rid of tree debris that can be used as mulch or compost. We can also replant the location for an additional cost.

    This process usually takes 30 to 90 minutes to finish depending on the nature of the stump considering its variety, size, and age. Stump grinding can be rather dirty but we at Saints Tree Service Savannah GA make the effort to completely clean the location and recycling the wood chips. Ask us about our multi-stump savings if you have more than one stump you want to be ground.

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