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Read this Before Calling a Tree Service Company

When searching for a tree service business in Cleveland, most customers go to the Internet and enter search phrases like: “tree service near me”, “tree removal service near me”, |tree trimming service” “tree pruning service”, “tree care company”, “top tree service company”, “affordable tree service company”, or “tree service Cleveland”.  Naturally, every time a customer searches, they will find many business to select; however, how do they know what company is the best?

It is paramount to research what criteria you need when selecting a good tree service company in Cleveland.  Qualities of a good tree care company include: reputable, affordable, and dependable.  

Things to Consider When Evaluating a Tree Care Service

The following a things your should consider when evaluating what tree contractor to use

References and Referrals

When selecting a tree care company, we recommend our customers consider reviews on the Internet. We suggest you to review what other people have said about the service that is provided.  Better yet, ask friend and family members who have actual experience with the company’s services. We also suggest that you relay our services and your experiences with the company online. We are positive that you will come to the conclusion that Saints Tree Service is the best tree care company in Cleveland, OH.  

Professional Company

We are a professional, licensed and insured tree company. We adhere to the priciples of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), a membership composed of approximately 2,100 organizations and affiliates, advancing tree care. We are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  The ISA sponsors the professional practice of arboriculture across the world. Saints has been in the tree care industry for over 10 years and the experiences of our team spans over 80 years combined. 


We offer complete tree care to include tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, brush removal, wood chipping, land clearing, and all other arboricultural services residential and commercial customers expect from a professional services company.  

Two Questions to Ask about Tree Care

Should Companies Really Be Insured and Licensed

The short answer is “YES”.  As a property owner you run the risk of both financial and legal liability if you use a unlicnesed and uninsured tree contractors.  Without these two protections, your property owner’s insurance would be required to coverage any damage or loss.  

How Much do Tree Care Services Cost?

The prices vary by service and situation.  Generally, tree trimming will cost between $200 to over $1,000 for a very large tree. Tree removals will run from $500 to well over $2,000.  And, stump grinding will cost between $100 and $500.  

Cleveland Tree Service with over 10 Years of Experience

Saints Tree Service Cleveland offers complete tree care services to include:

Saints Tree Service Cleveland offers professional and affordable tree care. Select the tree service Cleveland trusts to provide quality tree and customers service each and every time. We want what is best for your landscape, trees, and wallet! Contact our company today at 216-438-9080 for a free estimate.

More about Cleveland, OH

The city is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, across the U.S. maritime border with Canada and approximately 60 miles (100 kilometers) west of the Ohio-Pennsylvania state border. It was founded in 1796 near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River by General Moses Cleaveland. It became a manufacturing center due to its location on both the river and the lake shore, as well as being connected to numerous canals and railroad lines. Cleveland’s economy relies on diversified sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, biomedicals, and higher education.

The city’s major cultural institutions include the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra, Playhouse Square, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Known as “The Forest City” among many other nicknames, Cleveland serves as the center of the Cleveland Metroparks nature reserve system.

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Google Reviews

Steven Villalta
Steven Villalta
14:45 08 Dec 19
Saints Tree Service did a bang up job on a large tree removal I need on a rental property in Parma. Sam and team did a great job in making sure everything was safe and secure when dismembering the tree, limb by limb. We would definitely recommend Sam and his tree removal more
Lily Franklin
Lily Franklin
16:37 20 Nov 19
Saints Tree Service Cleveland was very professional from the very start. We lost three pines due to stong storms. We requested an quote to have them removed and hauled off. They visited us after church on a Sunday. That left a good first impression. They were competitively priced and the work was first-class. They went above and beyond to understand and serve our needs. I came home from work today and the work was already done. Less the trees being gone you cannot even tell they were there. We will most definitely call them in the future. I highly recommend Saints to anyone needing tree removal more
Tom Stuart
Tom Stuart
17:59 06 Nov 19
Saints removed 7+ trees from my property, including some that were very close to the house. His guys were nice, professional and did very good work at a competitive rate. Saints Tree Service Cleveland uses the best equipment, which helps minimize impacts to your property during tree removal. We will not hesitate to use this tree service company again!read more
Tina Reznar
Tina Reznar
18:53 23 Oct 19
We were so pleased with our experience with Saints Tree Service Cleveland. I called to get a free estimate and received a call back from Lindsey the same day. We set a date and time for him to look at the large tree I needed removed from my backyard and he arrived as scheduled. The estimator looked at the condition of the tree which was not good and explained what needed to be done. I asked If he could price the job with just removing the tree, tree and stump and tree, stump and hall away chips from stump which he was more than happy to do. I received my quote with a day as promised. I selected Saints and they showed up 4-5 weeks later as promised and also called a few days ahead to confirm the date. Sam and his crew arrived on time and immediately went to work. The tree was down and hauled away within 4 hours and returned to grind out the stump. They cleaned up and leveled out the dirt so we could seed for grass. Sam really cares about his customer and made sure we were happy with their work. He is very personable and is very experienced in his field and we highly recommend Saints Tree more
Tracy Hale
Tracy Hale
19:18 02 Oct 19
I’ve hired Saints Tree Service Cleveland twice. The first job was the removal of a dead tree. The second involved tree trimming some pine limbs sagging over the roof of my house. On both occasions, the team arrived punctually to assess the job and offer an estimate. Their attention to detail included making arrangements with the City for a fifteen-minute lane closure, planning for a Saints manager to be on-site and help direct the traffic, and contacting the power company for a line drop. Nothing seemed left to chance. Though access to my property is difficult for trucks, and posed some problems, the four-man team worked very courteously and efficiently on both occasions, with results exactly as promised. I was also happy with Saint’s pricing, and attention to doing the work as economically as possible. It’s a very agreeable company to work more
John Keller
John Keller
17:38 21 Jul 19
We used Saints Tree Service in Cleveland for some trimming work on several rental properties we have in Cleveland Heights. Definitely recommend this more
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