Hiring a Tree Service Company

What exactly is a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is an expert in the field of tree care. This person has to pass a series of arboriculture exams and has three years of experience in the industry.

Why is it essential to hire a certified arborist to care for my trees?

Hiring a certified arborist is crucial to ensure the health of your trees. An arborist has enough skills and knowledge required for proper tree care. He can perform tree trimming, pruning, and diagnose the health of your tree. He can provide a sound recommendation on what’s best for your tree.

What qualities should I look for in a tree care company?

You should always ask for a company’s credentials before deciding to hire their service. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Do they invest in proper equipment and training? What do their past clients say about them? You can also ask the tree service company for a detailed estimate of the service you require.

General Tree Questions

What are the advantages of having trees in my yard?

Having trees on your property not only increases your property value up to 20%, but they also serve as a natural barrier, reduce noise pollution, and keep the air clean. According to some studies, having trees in the surrounding can improve one’s health and reduces stress.

What are the most common dangers to trees?

Trees can be vulnerable to environmental variables such as inclement weather and natural disasters. Diseases and insect-infestations are also some of the common culprits for the decline of a tree’s health. Human activities can also have an adverse effect on trees. Regardless of the overall condition of your tree, we have certified arborists who can diagnose and provide them the right treatment they need.

Tree Service Questions

How many times do my trees need to be pruned in a year?

Generally, trees should be pruned at least twice annually. We also have to look into the specimen of the tree to determine the best season to prune them. For instance, conifers can be pruned at any time of the year.

When should I trim my trees?

Professional arborists recommend pruning in winter when the tree is in its dormant state. It is also acceptable to prune trees in early spring, although it still depends on the type of tree you have in your yard.

What season should trimming never be done?

Fall is generally not a recommended season to trim trees. Like what was mentioned above, winter is the more desirable time to do it since the branches are visible and more accessible due to the loss of foliage. However, in some cases, you should trim the tree right away, especially if it has become hazardous. If you notice weak and broken branches, you should have them eliminated regardless of the season.

Is there a way to save my tree if it has dead branches?

Tree removal should never be the first option. If your tree has dead branches, we recommend removing them right away. The rest of the tree can stay, and the branches may recover and grow back. Be sure to get in touch with a certified arborist to help you determine the next steps you should take.

How can I determine if my tree is sick?

There are a few apparent signs that can tell you if your tree is diseased or not. Carefully inspect your tree and look for deadwood, cracks, rotten wood, discoloration on leaves, loss of foliage, and fungal growth. If any or all of these signs are present, your tree is most likely sick and needs urgent attention. If you are still unsure whether your tree is in poor health, calling an arborist for a consultation will help a lot.

Why is pruning essential to a tree’s health?

Pruning is integral to a tree’s overall health and appearance. It entails eliminating diseased, damaged, and dead branches. This arboriculture technique is essential to keep insects and diseases from affecting your tree and other nearby plantings.

Do you offer tree topping?

We do not. You should steer clear from any tree company that offers this service because this is an old practice that has an adverse effect on the tree.

Why is tree topping not recommended?

This technique results in unnatural growth patterns that cause severe damage to the tree.

Stump Grinding Questions

Why do stumps need to be eliminated?

A stump will remain after the tree has been removed. While you can leave the stump to rot on its own, doing it can do more harm than good. A decaying stump can attract a multitude of insects and diseases that can spread among trees. Rodents and termites can even invade your house before you know it!